Family Health Bundle (Microgreens + Mushrooms)
Enjoy a bounty of both microgreens and mushrooms!

Indulge in the perfect marriage of flavors and nutrition with our exclusive Microgreens and Mushrooms Share! This unique offering brings together the vibrant freshness of microgreens and the earthy richness of 3 different kinds of oyster mushrooms, delivering a culinary experience that's as diverse as it is delectable


Solo Warrior (Microgreens Only)
The Solo Warrior share is a perfect way for individuals to have a week's supply of superfoods!

A rotating selection of our nutritious microgreen mixes: Sweet and Spicy: A combination of Pea Shoots (Sweet & Crunchy) and Daikon or Rambo Radish Inferno Mix: Heat lovers will crave the combination of Daikon and Rambo Radish! Sunrise Mix: A dialed-in combination of Chia, Broccoli, Kale, Red Acre Cabbage, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi


Mushrooms Only Share
A healthy supply of rotating oyster mushrooms!

Welcome to a world of earthy, umami-rich flavors and culinary exploration with our Mushroom CSA Share! Join us on a journey through the fascinating realm of fungi, where each week, you'll receive a bountiful selection of hand-picked, fresh oyster mushrooms, lovingly cultivated by local artisans and foragers.


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If you have questions about our cooperative, ideas about how we can work together to bring healthy food to the Bronx and Kingston, or to get more information about microgreens, please reach out!

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For Wholesale inquires, call 646-655-9793

Where to buy & pick-up

Moss Cafe located in Riverdale section of the Bronx is a lovely cafe and restaurant serving an incredible weekend brunch menu.

Bronx Park East Farmers Market promotes wellness initiatives, raises awareness about health issues, and shows the community we care about their well being in Pelham Parkway, The Bronx.

Corbin Hill Food Project - Supplying fresh food to those who need it most.
475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115


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