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The Story of Ellie and the Enchanted Garden

Once upon a time, in the heart of the bustling city that never sleeps—New York City—there was a hidden portal to a place as mysterious and wonderful as any tale ever told. This place was known only to those who dared to dream and seek the whispers of nature amidst the concrete jungle.

One bright and sunny spring morning, a young girl named Ellie, a true New Yorker with a curious mind and an adventurous heart, discovered this portal. It was not marked by grand doors or shimmering lights, but by a simple, unassuming patch of green in Central Park, hidden away behind the winding paths and famous statues.

As Ellie sat reading her favorite book, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," under the shade of an old oak tree, a gentle breeze carried the sweet scent of lavender and sage, tickling her senses and inviting her to explore further. She followed the scent and found herself standing before a small, intricately carved wooden gate that she had never noticed before. With a deep breath and a sense of wonder, she pushed it open.

Instantly, Ellie was transported from the familiar sights and sounds of the city to a lush, vibrant garden that seemed to stretch endlessly. It was a wonderland of sorts, filled with flowers that danced in the wind, herbs that hummed with an unseen energy, and trees that whispered ancient secrets.

In this garden, Ellie met a wise old woman named Mara, who was known to the creatures and plants of Wonderland as the Keeper of the Botanicals. Mara welcomed Ellie with a warm smile and a twinkle in her eye, recognizing the spark of curiosity in the young girl.

"Mara," Ellie exclaimed, "I’ve read about places like this in books, but I didn't think they were real. How does this exist right in the middle of New York City?"

Mara chuckled softly, her voice as soothing as the rustling leaves. "Oh, my dear, this garden exists wherever there’s someone with the heart to find it. It’s not just in New York City; it’s in every place where the concrete seems too hard and the buildings too high. It’s a sanctuary for those who believe in the magic of nature and the power of dreams."

Ellie spent the entire day exploring the enchanted garden, learning about the different plants and their magical properties. She discovered flowers that could sing, herbs that glowed in the dark, and trees that could tell stories of the past. Each discovery filled her with awe and wonder, and she felt a deep connection to the natural world around her.

As the sun began to set, casting a golden glow over the garden, Mara took Ellie’s hand and led her to a quiet spot by a sparkling pond. "Ellie," she said, "this garden has chosen you to be its guardian. You have the heart and spirit to protect its secrets and share its wonders with those who are ready to believe. Will you accept this responsibility?"

Ellie looked around at the beautiful, magical garden and felt a sense of purpose and excitement. "Yes, Mara," she replied, "I will be the guardian of this garden."

With that promise, Ellie felt a warm, comforting energy envelop her. She knew that she was now part of something much bigger than herself—a guardian of a magical realm that existed in the heart of her bustling city.

From that day on, Ellie visited the enchanted garden often, tending to its needs and sharing its magic with others who had the heart to see it. And so, the garden thrived, a hidden oasis of wonder and enchantment, right in the middle of New York City, waiting for the next curious soul to discover its secrets.

DIY Mushroom Tincture: The Magic of Extraction

Take Home Directions

Write today’s date down and “Lion’s Mane Extract” on the bottle using a piece of tape. Let the mixture extract for about 8 weeks. Gently shake the jar periodically—shaking every day is ideal, but do this at least every few days.

Strain out the mushroom material with a cheesecloth; compost or discard. Use a small funnel and a measuring cup with a spout to transfer your potion into the 1 oz bottle. You'll also want to label your bottle. 

You may use the single extraction tincture or follow these additional steps for the double extraction process

Medicinal Benefits 

Lion’s Mane (Hericum erinaceus) Supports: Nervous system, cognitive function, focus, memory, synapses, brain tissue, nerve damage, gastrointestinal function, immune system

Mushrooms are adaptogenic, meaning their effects are gradual and cumulative - and may take two to four weeks to take effect. Taking extracts regularly is the best way to gain the benefits the mushrooms have to offer. 

Liquid extracts, no matter the herb or fungi, are the most readily absorbed by our bodies. Liquid benefits are absorbed in under 5 minutes, whereas capsules may take over 20 minutes to break down. Extracts give you more nutrients and healing compounds faster – and a better bang for your buck.
DIY Herb/Flower Tincture: The Magic of Extraction

Take Home Directions

Write today’s date down and “Herb Extract” on the bottle using a piece of tape. Let the mixture extract for about 8 weeks. Gently shake the jar periodically—shaking every day is ideal, but do this at least every few days. Strain with cheesecloth and use a small funnel and a measuring cup with a spout to transfer your potion into the 1 oz bottle. You'll also want to label your bottle. 

The alcohol extracts the active constituents from it, creating a potent and long-lasting herbal tincture. Due to the alcohol present in tinctures, the herbal extracts are more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, with the effects being noticeable within about an hour. Because they’re fast-acting, tinctures are perfect for things like pain, tummy troubles, anxiety, and insomnia.

Medicinal Benefits

Boost your mood and immune function, manage anxiety while reducing inflammation with fresh sage, lavender, and calendula tincture. Parents can add one full drop to juice, tea and honey or your kids favorite sweetened drink. Adults can add two to three full drops to hot tea with honey. 

Lavender supports the nervous system and digestive tract through its soothing and purifying nature. Sage has been reported effective in relaxing the spasms of asthma and easing painful menses. Calendula connects your heart with the torus of subtle energy around your body, facilitating a heart-centered connection with the Earth. This tincture helps in remembering joy and the expansive nature of the soul. 

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