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Mi(crogreens) Oh My(celium) Farms is worker-owned, producing 100% organic and delicious microgreens and mushrooms. Produced locally in The Bronx, our mission is to provide our customers with a high-quality product at a low-cost while promoting healthy diets and lifestyles. The Bronx is adversely affected by a shortage of organic produce and healthy alternatives. We envision a renaissance in organic and healthy food alternatives grown locally, powering a local economy that can provide alternative means of buying food and earning an income. As a worker-owned business, every one of our growers earns a living wage, sharing the risks and profits of the business. Supporting worker cooperatives means you are saying no to the exploitation of labor and yes to the empowerment of workers.

Where to Buy Our Products


Our delicious microgreens are grown in the Bronx for Bronxites. Starting January 10th, we will be offering our microgreens for pick up only at the Riverdale Y Market.

Sunday Market Selections

New for this year, the Riverdale Y Sunday Market is organizing a preorder/pickup service for our customers during the winter months.  We understand that people want fresh food throughout the year, and we appreciate that you want to continue buying that food from your favorite vendors at the Market.

How will the process work?

Customers will contact the vendors individually to preorder items, pay in advance, and then pick up their orders on the following Sunday between 11:30am and 1:30pm at the same location as the Market (Riverdale Temple parking lot, 4545 Independence Avenue). 

Order by January 9th and pick up on January 10th.
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Contact Us

If you have questions about our cooperative, ideas about how we can work together to bring healthy food to the Bronx, or to get more information about microgreens, please reach out!

Our Locations
The Farm
2336 Mickle Ave, Pelham Gardens

The Riverdale Y Sunday Market (Starts January 10th, 2021)
Riverdale Temple parking lot, 4545 Independence Avenue

The James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center Farmer's Market
Every Saturday (Coming Spring 2021)
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